Who’s excited? Nervous? I’ve been working on three writing projects for the past six to ten months (I lose track of how long I work on stuff). Anyway, instead of officially participating by the rules, I’m going to turn my focus to one of the three works. One is a sequel to For Our Master. Btw, For Our Master was born from NaNo. I wasn’t able to complete it in a month, but I did get the first draft done by the beginning of January. Anyway, the second is a fantasy/scifi I’ve been working on forever. That will eventually be books like the For Our Master series. The last project is a web novel idea. I thought of the story back in high school and I’m blowing the dust off it, so I can finally publish it. I want it to be a web novel, because I think it’s a good story to showcase this way.

My personal goal will be to complete a first draft of one of the three by the end of November. I’m open to suggestions on which one. Also, I’ll try to keep up with updating SLI every week, but I’ll apologize in advance if those updates slip.

Also this month, Dave is doing Extra Life! Check it out here: Dave@ExtraLife.

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Phoebe J.