Currently, I am putting the written part of the visual novel into the game engine. I’m using Ren’Py and Text Wrangler as my game engine and scripting tool. Dave is helping out by using Twine to test how each path breaks up. I never realized how complicated my visual novel was until I saw this all being worked out. I was afraid that my game was too simple. Well, that’s one fear out the window at least…

twine_ssI’m still hoping to get this done by the middle of March 2014. I’m not exactly sure what will be next, but hopefully it will get easier once our first game is finished.

This game is also our first project as a team. Unless you count Dave and me team crafting plush. My work is all the beginning stuff: Original story, script, concept art, character design, pencils, and probably a bunch of stuff I can’t think of off the top of my head.

The original story is done. The script is in progress (I’m doing it while programming it at the same time. My apologies in advance to the person will be testing the game. I’m probably spelling things wrong and breaking grammar laws left and right). Original character designs and concept art is also in progress. No penciling yet, but I’m getting there… Then there’s everything else. I can get to it after I get this stuff fully fleshed out.

It’s a tough goal, but I’m hoping we make it.

As always, I will post more about this as the process moves along. You can also follow me on Twitter, @phoebejtweets, and check out my Deviant Art page at Thanks for reading!