961The Blue Thunder of Furinkan High. Oh yeah.

Anyway, we’re back after another of our epic outages. Did you miss us?

We’re going to be spending a lot more time here from now on. Project updates, announcements, and, of course, plenty of random babble.

Speaking of random babble, this week saw a pair of new arrivals to Teacup HQ: No Game No Life and Cherry 2000. I’ll let Phoebe talk about NGNL later.

Cherry 2000 is, perhaps, the most 80’s sci-fi movie ever made. It’s imaginative, action-packed, and ridiculously over-the-top. It’s cheesy as hell. It might be my favorite live-action sci-fi movie, I love it so much.

Here’s my C2K story.

At some point in my formative years, I acquired a gigantic box of Starlog magazines at a yard sale. I think I paid $40 for about 80 issues from the early-mid 1980’s. Plenty of articles about the usual suspects – Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar – but one of the later issues featured a movie I had never heard of, Cherry 2000. And it looked freaking amazing.

I couldn’t find a VHS anywhere. None of the shops or rental places had ever heard of it. I spent years wondering about it – was it ever finished? Cancelled mid-production? Buried and forgotten in some studio backlot? At some point in the mid-90’s I was able to confirm its release on the internet, then finally tracked down a tape in the early years of eBay.

To say I was blown away would be an understatement. Finally, I could watch this mystery film that had haunted me. I have no idea how many times I watched that tape, but I’d always find something new – even as the tape eventually wore out. Sadly, I never upgraded it to DVD – but I preordered the Blu-Ray as soon as it was announced.

Sci-fi post-apocalyptic cyberpunk spaghetti western? Yup. See this movie. Really. Even if it’s just a crappy Youtube rip. Then buy the Blu, because really, it’s totally worth it to see Melanie Griffith wielding a bazooka in high-definition.