I’m working on a Guild Wars 2 fan comic right now! It’s a 4Koma style series I’m calling Sages Lost Intrigues. The comic is a bunch of gags based off my guild’s, Sages Lost Intrigues – SLI, adventures. SLI was once my husband’s guild in the original Guild Wars. I took over when GW2 came out. The guild is tiny, just me and four good friends IRL. My character is an asura I named Ixmay. It’s pig latin for mix. It was 1:00 am on launch day that I came up with that, so it’s a weird name.

My first officer Grey is a human, my second officer Kail is a charr, Gail is human, and last, our newest member Akahana is a sylvari. My drawings are rougher than usual for these since I’m just doing this for fun.

Anyway I hope you enjoy it!