Okay here’s the line-up. Please keep in mind that these are just a few concept pieces. I colored them, but I do not consider them finished. I want to polish the faces up, and I wasn’t too concerned about anatomy here. I made these to get a feel for the characters general shape, and what kind of clothes they wear. These are not to scale either.


I always feel like an amateur when I draw a character for the first time. It’s like trying out a new recipe, or renting a car completely different from your own. I don’t usually give out art advice, but I always believe that no matter how good one gets at art, when someone draws something they have never drawn before, that artist is going to think it’s crap. Never judge your designs until you’ve been at it for about three or four pieces of that same subject.

I’ll have these up on my Deviant Art page, too. I’ll post more progress soon. You can also follow me on Twitter, @phoebejtweets, and check out my Deviant Art page at http://phoebej.deviantart.com/. Thanks for reading!