Angie here, taking over again. As Dave is the one who crochets, Phoebe is the artist/animator/cosplay designer and Joe is the 3d artist/webcomic guy, I am the one behind the scenes before every con with the proverbial whip. I’m the one you see running around in costume talking to anyone and everyone telling you to check out our table.

While during the con I’m more of the social face/business mind, before the con Im the one with the calendar as soon as dates go live and set up the system for who is doing what and when.

And with 2 cons coming up fast, it was/is my job to make sure that we have everything ready for not one but TWO cons. Because lets face it, a week and a half really isnt enough time to prep for anything but last minute “crap we ran out of button parts” type stuff that involves making an order.

For AAC and DrawnCon 2013 while the crew has been getting art ready, working on the game which SHOULD be debuted at Anime Boston 2014, cosplay (ok so thats just us ladies, but hey) and dealing with our lives outside of the con scene (wait that exists?) I have been keeping all of them in line via phone, email and facebook while editing the game story. (It’s an awesome story, but I’m not spoiling), working my office job, getting my cosplay stuff all located and cleaned as best as I can, running gaming events and simply keeping everything Teacup Ninja related organized so that two conventions close together will be no stress. Stress free cons are the best 🙂