More Bearwolf! I just noticed I mentioned Bearwolf’s class back in the blog about the first comic, but I never talked about the guildies’ jobs. Ixmay is an elementalist. Her favorite weapon is the staff. Gail is an engineer who’s first pick is the rifle. Akahana is a warrior who loves her candy cane hammer. She’s hardly ever seen without it. Kail is a necromancer, I’m not sure if he has a preferred weapon. I’m thinking staff; I might be wrong. I’ll have to ask him later. Last, Grey is a ranger. She uses a shortbow most of the time. Her pets are an eagle she calls Eaglor, and her moa, Chikkin Nuggit. Don’t ask me why she hasn’t replaced the moa. I think she likes how annoying that thing can get.

Thanks for reading! I hope I can keep this comic going for a while. ^_^