Sages Lost Intrigues is a comic with a bunch of gags based off my guild’s, Sages Lost Intrigues – SLI, adventures. SLI was once my husband’s guild in the original Guild Wars. I took over when GW2 came out. The guild is tiny, just me and four good friends IRL. My character is an asura I named Ixmay. It’s pig latin for mix. It was 1:00 am on launch day that I came up with that, so it’s a weird name.

My first officer Grey is a human, my second officer Kail is a charr, Gail is human, and last, our newest member Akahana is a sylvari. The whole comic takes place in the game Guild Wars 2.

My drawings are rougher than usual for these since I’m just doing this for fun.

Akahana has just noticed SLI has no norn. One of us tried out a norn mesmer during beta. It didn’t end well.