Weird title, but yeah, Anime Boston came and went already. I think this year was good to Teacup Ninja as a whole. I had a good time, saw JAM Project, had fun with cosplaying and taking pics of other cosplayers, the usual. It just always seems to go by so fast.

I was hoping to have something from our visual novel to show off, but I’m still super happy that the writing and the bulk of the programming is done.

Anime Boston is my favorite, and most local convention. The con staff is always super kind, and the Artist Alley staff is the best I have ever worked with. They all go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure everyone is having a good time. Thanks, AB staff!

We had a lot of people visit our table in the Artist Alley, thanks everyone! The attendees are also a huge part of what makes the AB AA the best Artist Alley I have ever been a part of. I feel like every year just gets better and better.

Great con once again. Can’t wait until Anime Boston 2015!

I’m really hoping that next year we’ll be able to start showing everyone our video games. We have a lot of great ideas, and I can’t wait to share. Now that Anime Boston is done, I can go back to focusing on the art for the visual novel.

Of course, we still plan to do some cons in 2014. In April, Teacup Ninja will be selling at Famicon, a new con in Londonderry, NH. There will be other con announcements, so stay tuned!

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