It’s Monday. Its Memorial Day. I dont have to be at work. This is a good thing because I’m now going thru the normal post-con crash. Yesterday afternoon I got home from Anime Boston and had an insane, crazy and awesome time….

Thursday was spent waiting with new friends for badge pickup. Got in early, pimped out our table to any of my friends, got my badge and proceeded to setup.

Setup went mostly without a hitch. Got all the buttons arranged, got the plush all looking good. Got everything set up and sorted and ready. Thursday night was spent with friends being silly. Late night humor is some of the best.

With Friday came Lightning Farron. I ran errands, I stopped for photos, I sent people to our booth, I proved once again that I can get enough food for 4 nerds who all have quirks and get it all back still too hot to eat. Overall a great day was had.

Saturday brings us to Sailor Scouts. Phoebe and I did Mercury and Mars for our new cosplay. The photoshoot was a bust, but we still looked good. We still had a great time. Sadly between two days of boots and a day of heels, by this time my heels are completely blistered. So I take my turn at the table where I can be barefoot and no one cares. I sold lots of buttons. Talked to people and decided sometimes not running around is good. Saturday night was formal night and proof that Angie does indeed dress up sometimes. Again fun time.

Sunday was My Little Pony day. Debuted at AAC, 2012 Phoebe and I reprised our Rainbow Dash and Rarity cosplay. I sometimes have way too much fun as RD running around and doing silly things like “flying”.. ok bouncing over and under things. Breakdown and packing was painless and the overall analysis was that this year from a business standpoint was better than last year.

However there is always room for improvement. We think we can take on pro row next year 😀