Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of updates lately – it’s been a madhouse at Teacup HQ!

We hope you’ll come out to see us at Drawncon in Westford, MA this weekend! It’s going to be a ton of fun. Great staff, fantastic vendors, and… Jennifer Hale?


We’ll have our usual Pokeballs and buttons, a few more plush, and we’ll be debuting¬†two products!

the eBook of For Our Master, and

Cosm: Deep Dive Рthe improved edition of the game I made earlier this year for the Cyberpunk Jam.

Hope to see everyone there!

For Our Master Update

News! We are still on track for releasing the digital version of the book in November 2014! We also plan to finally release the visual novel for sale in March 2015! I’m so excited. I made some drafts of promo art.


And here are some placeholder screen shots from the game’s alpha:



Thanks for reading! I will continue to update as I get more done.


For Our Master, the visual novel we are working on, is becoming a book as well! We plan to release a digital version for sale in November 2014, with a Kickstarter to raise funds to make print copies of the novel in future months. We will post more on the Kickstarter as we get closer to launching it.

The novel script is being edited, and I’m working on some illustrations to include. Here’s a peek at what I got so far.
















Look forward to it! Thanks for reading.


So I’m doing the backgrounds for our game. I’m modeling them in 3D programs, rendering them out, and intend to make them look a little more cartoony than realistic – but that’s not for a while yet. Here are a few preliminary hallways. I think they look pretty cool!

SP03a_r sp02a_r SP02_r

Game Sprites

Visual Novel Update! I have the final sprites for the sub cast and some main cast drawn and ready for vectoring.


















Emma Soft









Felicia Zia Chronos









Iris El Iridescense









Kumori Blanc









Odell Brimstone









Sarah Pride

These will be vectored, colored and put into the game engine. More updates to come!

Color Palettes

Our visual novel is chugging along that long road to completion. I have for you today a peek at the colors I’m thinking of using for some of the characters.









Sammy Pride









Lenny Brimstone









Kaze Blanc









Iris El Iridescence










Emma Soft

Sammy, Iris, and Emma are part of the main cast, but I also included two support characters, Kaze and Lenny. Lenny wears the actual military uniform of the organization featured in the game, and I really liked how Kaze came out.

Current progress at this point: Basic programming, and the first draft of the script are complete! All the characters have been designed and the color palettes are done. I’ll post more as I go, thanks for reading!

Anime Boston 2014, looking back

Weird title, but yeah, Anime Boston came and went already. I think this year was good to Teacup Ninja as a whole. I had a good time, saw JAM Project, had fun with cosplaying and taking pics of other cosplayers, the usual. It just always seems to go by so fast.

I was hoping to have something from our visual novel to show off, but I’m still super happy that the writing and the bulk of the programming is done.

Anime Boston is my favorite, and most local convention. The con staff is always super kind, and the Artist Alley staff is the best I have ever worked with. They all go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure everyone is having a good time. Thanks, AB staff!

We had a lot of people visit our table in the Artist Alley, thanks everyone! The attendees are also a huge part of what makes the AB AA the best Artist Alley I have ever been a part of. I feel like every year just gets better and better.

Great con once again. Can’t wait until Anime Boston 2015!

I’m really hoping that next year we’ll be able to start showing everyone our video games. We have a lot of great ideas, and I can’t wait to share. Now that Anime Boston is done, I can go back to focusing on the art for the visual novel.

Of course, we still plan to do some cons in 2014. In April, Teacup Ninja will be selling at Famicon, a new con in Londonderry, NH. There will be other con announcements, so stay tuned!

You can follow me on Twitter, @phoebejtweets, and check out my Deviant Art page at http://phoebej.deviantart.com/. Thanks for reading!

Staying Alive

Cons are done, and I’ve been busy with concept sketches. I’m getting a pretty good handle on the characters for the visual novel (which still needs a good title). I started plotting out some of the CGs as well. Slow, but steadily the project is moving along.

I’ll probably be scanning my latest sketches in next week, and posting them to my Deviant Art page.

I’m also thinking of making some teaser art for the game soon, so I can start showing more than sketches.

As always, I will post more about this as the process moves along. You can also follow me on Twitter, @phoebejtweets. Thanks for reading!

Con prep Insanity

Angie here, taking over again. As Dave is the one who crochets, Phoebe is the artist/animator/cosplay designer and Joe is the 3d artist/webcomic guy, I am the one behind the scenes before every con with the proverbial whip. I’m the one you see running around in costume talking to anyone and everyone telling you to check out our table.

While during the con I’m more of the social face/business mind, before the con Im the one with the calendar as soon as dates go live and set up the system for who is doing what and when.

And with 2 cons coming up fast, it was/is my job to make sure that we have everything ready for not one but TWO cons. Because lets face it, a week and a half really isnt enough time to prep for anything but last minute “crap we ran out of button parts” type stuff that involves making an order.

For AAC and DrawnCon 2013 while the crew has been getting art ready, working on the game which SHOULD be debuted at Anime Boston 2014, cosplay (ok so thats just us ladies, but hey) and dealing with our lives outside of the con scene (wait that exists?) I have been keeping all of them in line via phone, email and facebook while editing the game story. (It’s an awesome story, but I’m not spoiling), working my office job, getting my cosplay stuff all located and cleaned as best as I can, running gaming events and simply keeping everything Teacup Ninja related organized so that two conventions close together will be no stress. Stress free cons are the best :)